• Added sorting and filtering options

    Now it’s possible to sort resources by date, votes, or randomly. There is also an option to filter them by category.

    I will add more filtering options soon (by type, free or paid, OS, etc.)

    Illustration Tools - Directory Sorting and Filter Resources now available

  • Added 15 new resources to the Directory

    Since yesterday’s launch, the community has submitted more than 100 tools.
    There are now 30 resources available in the Directory.

    I’ll add another batch of resources soon.

  • Launched illustration.tools

    illustration.tools is finally available!

  • Vote for each tool

    Now you can vote (like) for each tool in the Directory. I will soon implement a way to display tools ordered by votes.

  • Implemented mobile versions

    Now you can browse the entire website from smartphones and tablets.

  • Submit resources to the Directory

    Now is possible to submit new resources to the Directory.

  • Added About Page

    Added the first version of the About page. I will add more content in the future (mission, FAQ, etc.)

  • Created What’s New Page

    I created this changelog to keep track of the updates.